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Volume 4-Issue 4 (October-December 2016) Published on 27 march 2017

Need for re-validation inAyurveda
KSR Prasad

Guest Editorial
DNA Bar code: - New approach for authentication of medicinal plant
Kunal A. Kale, Meena S Deogade

Original Article
The role of Triphaladi Yoga with Erandmuladi Vasti (enema) in Dyslipidemia
Sawarkar Punam G, Sawarkar Gaurav R

Case Report
To Study The Efficacy Of Krishna Choorna With Yog Basti In Management Of Gridhrasi Vyadhi
Sonali S. Mahajan, Vaishali H. Wankhade, R. N. Joshi

Short Communication
Akshi Tarpanam -Rejuvenation of Eyes
R Abhinaya , Ch Sadanandam