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Volume 4-Issue 1 (January- March 2016) Published on 22 April 2016

Journey to Applied Panchakarma
SRP Kethamakka

Original Article
Effect of Vamana Karma with Kutaja Beeja Yoga followed by Lekhaneeya Ghana Vati in the management of Medoroga w.s.r to Dyslipidemia
Sangeeta Sharma, Santoshkumar Bhattad

Review Article
A review of research works done on clinical efficacy of Lekhana Vasti in the management of Obesity
Vyas Kruti Y, Galib R , Anup B Thakar , Prajapati Pradeep Kumar

Field Survey
A Field Survey for the Diverse Flora and Fauna of Chincholi (Junapani) Beat of Vidarbha region (India)
Meena Shamrao Deogade, Nitesh Shambharkar, Supriya Kallianpur, Pramod Khobragade

Current Trends
Biotechnological Tools in the Cultivation of Medicinal Plants
Hetal T.Janani , K Nishteswar, Ashish Verma

Case Report
Case Study of Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head
Gaurav Sawarkar, Punam Sawarkar