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Volume 5-Issue 2 (April-June 2017) Published on 21 August 2017

Current trends and schemes for research and development in Ayurveda (Indian System of Medicine)
Bharat Chouragade

Original Article
Physico-chemical and Phytochemical Analysis of Shatapushpa (Anethum Sowa Linn
Rupali Asutkar, Amol Kadu, Ravindra Kharat, Meena Deogade

Original Articles
Study on the efficacy of Jalaukavacharana (Leech therapy) in Puyalasa with special reference to Acute Dacryocystitis
Swapnil Borage, Priyanka Shelotkar.

Review Article
Role of Toxicogenomics as an alternative for animal studies-A review
Nilima Wadnerwar, Sandeep Wankhade, Sonali Chalakh, Amol Kadu

Case Report
Agnikarma in the Management of Vatakantaka (Planter Fasciitis)
Sadhana Misar

Educational Research
Efficacy of OSPE as a teaching tool in Para-clinical subjects of Ayurved under graduation
Anita Wanjari, Vaishali Kuchewar, Meena Deogade, Pradnya Dandekar