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Volume 6-Issue 3 (July-September 2018)

Need and scope of Pharmacokinetic evaluation of Ayurveda medicines
Dhirajsingh Rajput

Original Article
Comparative study on the effect of Siravyadhana and Jalaukavacharana along with Trishothadi Lepam on foot ulcers
Reena Jaiswal (Devyani Dasar)

Original Article
Evaluation of Third Year BAMS Student’s Perception and Feedback on Teaching Learning Methods of Kaumarbhritya
Renu B. Rathi, Bharat Rathi

Case Report
A Holistic Psychotherapeutic Approach for the Management of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder through Ayurveda –A case study
Gaurav Sawarkar, Punam Sawarkar

Case Report
Management of Abhaya Gulfasandhi Shool (unexplained chronic pain of both ankle joints) by Gud Sunthi Yoga (Zingiber officinale –Jaggery formulation)
Bharat Chouragade, Namrata Chouragade